The Hydrotherapy pool

Canines of all shapes and sizes breeds and ages, are welcomed at Westwinds  hydrotherapy pool whether it is for preparation for operations, recuperation from injuries and operations,  an exercise program to lose weight or improve their cardio vascular fitness or just to swim for enjoyment. All dogs swim with a qualified hypnotherapist.

 At Westwinds we pride ourselves in a relaxed friendly welcoming environment. Our priority is your four legged friend and we hope both canine and owner enjoy there hydrotherapy experience

Hydrotherapy had been proven to:
Increase joint mobility.
Increase cardiovascular output.
Improve condition and mass of muscle.
Develop strength and endurance of muscle.
Improve circulation and skin condition.
Generally speed healing.
Reduce inflammation, stiffness and pain.
Promote relaxation and rest.
Improve physical fitness.
Assist weight loss.
Mentally stimulate.

Hydrotherapy will benefit:
Pre and post operative dogs. Conditioning such as muscle building and toning prior to surgery can be effective preventing further damage to the affected joints and reduce the rehabilitation time after the surgery.
Overweight dogs. Normal exercising of overweight dogs can lead to damaged joints. Non weight bearing exercise in the pool and a controlled diet can prevent further damage and assist in weight loss.

Senior dogs. Tend to become less active, arthritic and find exercise uncomfortable.   Hydrotherapy will increase range of movement of limbs, build muscle mass and tone  making exercise more comfortable. Senior dogs improve their general health and fitness and enjoy a prolonged life.  

Disabled dogs or dogs with reduced mobility.  Dogs that cannot usually weight bear or walk normally unaided find being buoyant and having zero impact on their joints enables them to use their limbs freely in the water.  Even though their limbs do not function properly they do use their affected limbs in the water.  With regular hydrotherapy sessions their strength and limb function can improve to a stage where they can weight bear or walk unassisted.

Performance working, racing, agility, flyball, show or those dogs requiring stamina benefit from from hydrotherapy sessions. Keep them in top physical condition, increasing the cardiovascular system, strengthening and maintaining muscles, which in turn will guard against other possible injuries.

  Our Facilities
• The pool is a 4.5 meter by 3.5 meter  and 1.2 meter in depth, surrounded by raised decking and easy access ramp for your dog.
• The pool is heated to an optimal 28-30 degrees Celsius.
• The pool is fitted with anti swim jets which if required create a resistance for the dogs to swim against.
• All animals will be fitted with a buoyancy aid / harness prior to commencing a swim and a hypnotherapist will accompany your dog in the pool at all times.
• The water is chemically treated and filtered to maintain the high standards of hygiene. The water is tested at least 3 times a day to ensure the constant correct chemical and PH balance. These reading are shown on display in our pool room.
 • Shower facilities to rinse the dog prior to the swimming session and acclimatise them to the water , post swimming the dogs will be showered to remove the pool water from there coat. dried with a hand drier or fresh towels.
 •Dogs are hand dried by towel and where the dog is happy for it blasted with our drier

We offer varied programs tailored to each individual dog whether its recuperation, weight loss and fitness behavior or our our wash and shampoo service. Each session lasts up to 60 minutes please allow an hour and 30 minutes for your first session.

Summary of each session:-
• A head to tail health check of your dog
• Weigh and check dogs muscle mass and record findings
• Shower dog to remove excess dirt, loose hair on the coat, acclimatise the dog.
• Fit life jacket/buoyancy aid to the dog
• Proceed with assisted swimming session(a hypnotherapist will give one to one assistance in the pool with the dog)
• Shower away any Bromine on the dogs coat,  and dry the dog using a drying machine and/or fresh towels
• Explain findings of the session to the owner and give any further advice

All swims are fully written up by the hypnotherapist observations and assessment are recorded on your dogs file.
A full write up of your dogs sessions will be regularly forwarded to your veterinary surgeon.

A hydrotherapy session which requires a referral from a vet costs £25 per session.

 Discounts are available

When 6 swims are booked and paid for in advance £129

 When 10 swims are paid and booked in advance the cost is £200

Please note we only accept cheque, cash (or bank transfer in advance of session)

In accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act of 1966 it is illegal for any treatments such as hydrotherapy to be carried out without the consent of a Veterinary Surgeon.  When you book an appointment we will need your vet's name and practice details and we will contact them directly for you.  We are pleased to say that most Veterinary Surgeons recognize the benefits of canine hydrotherapy and are very happy to give their consent.